Spring and Summer 2023 Internship Informational Meeting Dates

Internship Programs

Attendance at one of these meetings is a required prerequisite for internship placements.  Please see below for the Spring 2023 virtual meeting schedule for those pursuing internships.  If you are interested in earning an internship, you must attend one of the monthly internship information sessions before you apply. Internships can be scheduled for Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.  However, students need to apply for internships at least one or two semesters before receiving a placement.  Please note that federal agencies often prefer that students apply 6 months before being considered for an internship; 3 months for state or local internship is usually sufficient. 

1/30 Monday, at 2pm

2/22 Tuesday at 10am

3/23 Thursday at 6pm

4/5 Wednesday at 11am

5/8 at 10am 

6/1 at 11am

7/3 at 12noon

8/14 at 1pm

​Click on the Zoom Link:  https://uncc.zoom.us/j/92684323071