Brenau International Mediation Tournament

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Three seniors from Daniel Piar’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution class (LEGL 3363/CJUS 3363) participated in an annual tournament sponsored by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution: Jennifer Mondestin (Political Science/Criminal Justice major), Jason Thomas (History major, Legal Studies minor), and Benaja Richardson (Political Science major, Legal Studies minor, LEADS certificate student). Travel to the tournament was made possible by a generous gift from the former Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Vivian Lord. The duo of Jennifer and Jason placed 2nd out of 66 attorney/client pairs and Benaja was singled out by the judges in multiple rounds for her excellent work as an attorney. The team as a whole placed 7th out of 22 teams. Congratulations, Jennifer, Jason, and Benaja!