About Us

Criminal Justice and Criminology are two interrelated areas of study with a rich interdisciplinary academic tradition. Criminology is the study of the etiology and nature of crime and delinquency, and theoretical explanations conceived to explain these behaviors. Criminal Justice is the study of agencies’ responses to criminal and delinquent behavior, the relationship among these agencies, and policies that impact the process through which justice is administered.

Over the past few decades, the faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology at UNC Charlotte has earned local, national, and international reputations in a variety of substantive areas. At the university level, the faculty won the prestigious 15th Annual Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Additionally, in the Spring of 2015, our department was awarded the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising. At the local level, these reputations have aided in the development and sustainment of collaborative relationships with agency staff and personnel within the surrounding communities. At the national and international levels, these reputations have positioned the Criminal Justice Department to be among the most productive Criminal Justice Departments in the country.

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology offers the following programs