Graduate Program (M.S. Degree)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much is tuition for graduate education?

Answer: Tuition Varies each year and the current year’s tuition information can be found here.

Question: When are admissions decisions made?

Answer: Applications are accepted year-round. To allow proper time to review the application, all materials should be on file with the Graduate School at least one month prior to the start of the semester in which applicants wish to enroll.

Persons interested in starting in the Fall semester are strongly encouraged to have all application materials submitted by March 1 in order to be considered for Departmental Assistantships and Graduate Tuition Awards.

Question: My scores on the GRE and GPA are below the “preferred standards” that are outlined in the admissions criteria. Can I still be admitted into the program?

Answer: Admissions are increasingly becoming more competitive and the department caps the number of admissions each year. While students who fall below the “preferred standards” on the GRE or GPA have been admitted, the chances of admission are becoming increasingly more difficult. Applicants with GRE and/or GPA scores slightly below the preferred standards may still be admitted. The admissions committee will take into account any impressive strengths that may be present in other areas of the application. That being said, applicants with GRE or GPA scores that are considerably below the preferred standards (or slightly below but without other notable strengths) will typically be denied admission.

Question: I have applied to the graduate school but I have not been notified of my admissions status. Who can I contact?

Answer: Click here to check on admissions status with the graduate school.

Question: Outside of the traditional teaching assistantships, are there any additional opportunities to work within the department?

Answer: Yes. Periodically faculty will be awarded grants/contracts that include funding for hiring students. You are encouraged to contact the Graduate Coordinator and/or specific faculty to see if any opportunities presently exist.

Question: I have taken a few graduate courses from another institution. Can I transfer any of those credits?

Answer: Students wishing to transfer credits must complete a “Transfer of Credit” form from the graduate school. This form can be found by following the “Forms” link on our graduate program web page. A maximum of six credits can be transferred, pending certain conditions.

Question: I work full-time and I am concerned about when graduate classes are typically taught.

Answer: Typically, graduate classes begin at 5:30 PM or 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. Some elective classes, however, are taught at other times.

Question: I am a current student in the M.S. program and will be graduating in the next semester or so. Are there any forms that I need to complete

Answer: Yes, you will have to complete a “Application to Candidacy” form and an “Application for Graduation” form (see Graduate School forms).