Opportunities for Students

There are a lot of opportunities for students to take advantage of in our department and in the University. Become involved . . .

Alpha Phi Sigma

  • Alpha Phi Sigma recognizes academic excellence of Undergraduate and Graduate students of Criminal Justice, as well as Juris Doctorate students.

Career Center

Criminal Justice Honors Program

  • The purpose of the Honors Program in Criminal Justice is to identify the creative, imaginative, and/or exceptional student and to encourage and recognize the development of this student’s potential. The Honors Program in Criminal Justice shall encourage independent study and shall evaluate each student’s achievement in terms of her or his ability to proceed as a self-directed learner.

Graduate Program

  • The M.S. degree in Criminal Justice is a social science degree. As such, students are trained in the areas of criminological theory, criminal justice policy, law and social control, research methodology and data analysis. The goal of the program is to produce graduates who can think broadly and critically about issues related to crime and the criminal justice system, and to be informed consumers as well as producers of scientific research. These skills can serve students well in many areas of the criminal justice workforce, and/or in their future endeavors in Ph.D. programs. (Note that our program does not provide local, state or federal law enforcement training, nor does it provide training in crime scene investigation.)

Internship Programs

  • Internships can be scheduled for Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. However, students need to apply for internships at least one or two semesters before receiving a placement. Please note that federal agencies often prefer that students apply 6 months before being considered for an internship; 3 months for state or local internship is usually sufficient.

Mediation Program

  • The UNC Charlotte Mediation Program offers students courses, mediation tournaments, and service to the university and larger community. Through its many opportunities, students bridge the gulf between classroom theory and the real world disputes and leave university life prepared to mediate real problems under realistic situations.

Nu Sigma Alpha Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association

  • The purpose of the Criminal Justice Association at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is to provide insight into the criminal justice field for the student body. We intend to communicate professional career opportunities and to elevate and uphold high ethical and moral standards in the criminal justice discipline. The Criminal Justice Association offers information to those students who show interest in the field of criminal justice, regardless of their educational or career objectives.

Pre-Law Society

  • The Pre-Law Society is one of the oldest student organizations on campus. Since 1985 the Society has worked to provide members with all the necessary information on gaining admission to law schools, fostering networking opportunities and deepening an understanding of the legal profession.

Scholarships and Awards

Study Abroad Information*

  • *Study Abroad Locations forthcoming