Advising FAQs

I was issued a permit for a class, how do I register for the class?

If the class still has open spots, you should be able to click the check box and submit changes as you would for any other course you are registering for. However, if the course is already closed and you were issued a permit for that specific course please follow these steps:

  • Log into
  • Click on “Banner Self-Service”
  • Student Services/Student Accounts
  • Registration
  • Add/Drop Classes
  • If prompted: Select the term you are registering for then click submit 
  • At the bottom of the page use the CRN to register for the class
How do I request a repeat override for a course that I’ve previously taken?

If you attempt to register for a course in which you have previously earned credit the error message “Repeated Course” will appear. If you feel there is a need to repeat the course please email and include the course number, the semester you wish to repeat the course, and your 800 number. 

Your request will be processed within 24-48 hours.

How does a Grade Replacement work?

Undergraduate students may replace up to two (2) courses (maximum of 8 hours) for grade replacement. Both grades will be reflected on transcript. However, the higher of the two grades will be used in calculation of the GPA. Click here for grade replacement policy. View the Grade Replacement video for step-by-step instructions on how to submit a request.

Students must register to retake the course before attempting to submit a Grade Replacement request. If credit was earned in the original attempt, the student must first obtain a Repeat Course Override before registering. After registering for the course, students must submit a Grade Replacement request through Banner Self Service by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar.

For more information about grade replacements please visit the Registrar’s Office in King 141 or visit their website.

How to request a Grade Replacement:

  • Log into
  • Click on “Banner Self-Service”
  • Student Services/Student Accounts
  • Student Records
  • Grade Replacement Request
What is an Academic Petition & when should I fill one out?

The Undergraduate Academic Petition application allows undergraduate students to request an exception to academic policy such as late add, late withdrawal, transfer credit adjustment, etc. Students can access the application via Banner Self Service. You can select the type of petition, term affected, the course involved (if applicable), then provide a short explanation of the petition and the justification for requesting the exception to policy. The application then routes the request to the appropriate approvers and you should hear something within 1-3 days.

How do I find my Registration date and time & see if I have Holds?
  • Log into
  • Click on Banner Self Service
  • Student Services/Student Accounts Tab
  • Registration
  • Check Your Registration Status
  • Select a Term from the drop down arrow then click submit
  • The next page should show:
    • Registration date and time
    • Holds that will prevent registration
    • Academic Standing
    • Earned Credit
How do I find all the courses/credits I have received at UNC Charlotte and my transfer credits?
  • Log into
  • Click on Banner Self Service
  • Student Services/Student Accounts Tab
  • Student Records
  • Advising Transcript
  • Click “Display Transcript”
  • The next page should show:
    • Your Name, UNCC ID, Email, and Advisor
    • Your Student Attributes (This is where it will show if you are Foreign Language Exempt or General Education Exempt)
    • Your Current Major (s) and Minor (s)
    • A list all the courses you transferred in to UNC Charlotte, how they transferred in, and the grade received
    • A list of all the courses you have taken at UNC Charlotte and the grades received

You will not be notified when you are eligible to graduate.  You must initiate the process by applying for graduation. 

** The Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology is a part of the CLAS reception that takes place after each graduation.  The reception immediately follows graduation and the locations are printed in the graduation brochures you receive at the ceremony.  **

How do I drop a major or minor?

When a student wishes to drop their major/minor, nothing needs to be signed or submitted by the department. The student may email and request to have a certain major/minor dropped. They just need to list their 800# and what they want dropped.

What if I want to take a course at another school?

Any student wanting to take courses at another college or university must first fill out a Permit for Transient Study, and have it approved and on file in the Registrar’s Office, before taking the course. This assures the student that the course will be the equivalent of a UNC Charlotte course. The course will fulfill goals and count as a specific course, but the grade will not be calculated into the UNC Charlotte GPA.

If a course is to be taken at a community college in the North Carolina state system, equivalency may be verified by any advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center in Fretwell 235. For all other schools, in-state or out-of-state, a course description must be provided and the form taken to the specific department for approval, i.e. a math course must be approved by the Math Department. A student may also use the Transfer Credit Advisor online to help determine equivalency.

If a student is registered as a full-time student (12 hours or more) in the College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences, he/she may not take any courses at another school with the exception of sign language at CPCC or Rowan-Cabarrus CC. Rules for this may vary by College. Also, students within 30 hours of graduation must get written permission on this form from their department chair to take off-campus classes as this constitutes a waiver to the Residency Requirement.

To complete the process, the student has his/her transcript sent to the UNC Charlotte Registrar’s Office and the transfer credit will appear on his UNC Charlotte transcript.

Be aware that no more than 64 credit hours may be transferred from a 2-year school.

Additional Advisor FAQ’s

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IMPORTANT: Information for Students declaring as Pre-CJ majors and Criminal Justice Majors
  • You must complete ALL 5 required prerequisite courses in the Pre-Criminal Justice major with a grade of C or better in two attempts maximum BEFORE you can declare as a Criminal Justice Major.   
  • The 2 attempt Rule states that in order to declare as a Pre-Criminal Justice Major or Criminal Justice Major, students may attempt the following required CJUS courses no more than 2 times to receive a grade of C or better, including all Withdraw and Grade Replacements of D or F: