Study Aboard Information

Why should you study abroad as a college student?

  • You can receive UNC Charlotte course credit while aborad- Without pushing your graduation date !
  • Develop a deeper understanding of other countries
  • Demonstrate to prospective employers, graduate, and professional schools that you have global perspective
  • Any international experience looks GREAT on a resume
  • Learn more about your own culture from a different perspective
  • Develop a firsthand understanding of other cultures, people, and places
  • Travel and see many other countries while abroad
  • Develop independence and self-confidence
  • Realize a dream !
  • Form new friendships that could last a lifetime
  • Learn a new language or perfect the language you’re studying
  • Experience a new way of life


How can I afford to study abroad?

Study abroad is an amazing experience that does not come without a hefty price, fortunately the university has ways to help you afford this experience.

Your three options: Financial Aid, Scholarships, out of pocket.

Financial Aid: Students are eligible to utilize their financial aid if they complete the required OEA application process steps and are receiving the equivalent of full-time academic credit at UNC Charlotte while abroad. This remains the same if the student is participating in an internship or service-learning abroad (they must be receiving academic credit for this experience and/or be taking an online course, studying and interning abroad at the same time, etc.).

Scholarships: There are many types of differenct scholarships that can be applied for and used to fund your study abroad experience. There are OEA scholarships, Host University Scholarships, UNC Charlotte scholarships, Affiliate Provider scholarships, and external scholarships. Each of these catagories could have hundreds of scholarships associated with it!

Out of Pocket: This is also a way to afford your trip if this is applicable to you!

Some of the attractions you would get to see:

Look familar ? This is Christ Church in England, this was where Harry Potter was filmed!

You could sit where Harry Potter and his friends ate!

This is the gorgeous city Barcelona, located in Spain and home to amazing food and breath taking views!