Nu Sigma Alpha Chapter of The Criminal Justice Association


The purpose of the Criminal Justice Association at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is to provide insight into the criminal justice field for the student body. We intend to communicate professional career opportunities and to elevate and uphold high ethical and moral standards in the criminal justice discipline. The Criminal Justice Association offers information to those students who show interest in the field of criminal justice, regardless of their educational or career objectives.

Career Opportunities:

The Criminal Justice Association hosts several guest speakers from a variety of agencies throughout the year. These presentations provide information about a variety of job responsibilities and their requirements.

Community Service:

The Criminal Justice Association participates in a variety of volunteer opportunities both on and off-campus, as well as in the field of criminal justice. Examples include volunteering at charity races and assisting in on-campus events.

Fund Raising:

The Criminal Justice Association’s fund raising activities are geared towards the students. These activities include selling department T-shirts and sweatshirts. However, these activities are flexible and will depend on the group’s consensus.

Meeting Times:

Meeting times fluctuate to accommodate member’s class schedules. During the Fall and Spring semesters, meetings locations vary.

Current Officers:

Faculty Advisor:

Ms. Anna Divita

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