Dr. Lyn Exum wins the Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence

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Congratulations to our colleague Dr. M. Lyn Exum for being the recipient of the Bank of America Award for Teaching Excellence!

Over the course of his teaching career, Dr. Exum has exemplified genuine dedication to working with undergraduate and graduate students. This dedication has resulted in innovative strategies employed within the classroom, impactful curricular changes, and positive teaching, peer, and annual evaluations. Dr. Exum is truly dedicated to his commitment to challenging and educating students. He is a well-rounded faculty member who has a particularly strong synergistic relationship between his teaching and research activities. These accomplishments make Dr. Exum a valuable member of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology and UNC Charlotte.

A student recently commented, “Dr. Exum is HARD and work intensive. But it’s to be expected with a 3000 class. He challenged our critical thinking. He made sure we knew the information and didn’t just memorize it. His class is the class to take if you have long term goals in CJUS, not just trying to get by with the bare minimum. I love the extent he challenged us.”

Likewise, a colleague reviewing his course commented, “It appears that because Lyn has been able to master his course content, he is able to offer multiple different learning methods. I can see how the use of different learning methods allows for him to connect with different types of learners. Lyn provides for multiple ways to visually present content.”

Congratulations to Dr. Exum on receiving this prestigious award and recognition!